Using Buzz360 for Your Convention

Emma Brown

The political convention is a uniquely American tradition. They are a time-honored tradition that date back to the 19th century, but they're not legally required by federal or state law, and there's nothing in the Constitution. However, holding your convention is one of our primary purposes. They need a lot of planning and solid execution. Technology can help.

Using the Buzz360 Platform for your convention

1. Create a new page on your website.  This page is to provide the details about the convention and can be used for Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment.

  Go to Pages > Web Pages and click the create new page yellow button in the upper left corner.   If you have not previously created a page or need some more help,  CLICK THIS HELP ARTICLE.

Below is an example of a Convention detail page.

 You will want to make your Agenda, Rules, and the Convention Call available on your website as soon as they are ready.  Here is how you can add those documents.

  Go to "Media" on the left navigation > "Documents" on the top navigation. CLICK TO READ THE HELP ARTICLE ON HOW TO ADD AND LINK A DOCUMENT.  Add the link that is created on to your convention web page.

 You will want to create a pre-registration form on the website. CLICK TO READ THE HOW TO CREATE THAT FORM

  If you are charging for your convention, add a link to your donation platform, like WinRed, Anedot, Stripe, etc.  If you have are using WinRed, Buzz360 has web hooks to there platform.  You can enter a help message  if you need help with connect the web hooks.

2. Import your elected delegates and alternates in the CRM. CLICK TO READ THE ARTICLE ON HOW TO IMPORT CONTACTS

3. Once you have the contacts imported, you can craft an email to "Save the Date" before you send out the Convention Call.

4.  When you are ready to send out the Convention Call, if your rules permit, you can create the Call email and send it to your Delegate and Alternate audience. 

 You can see the delegates and alternates who received the call email and opened it by clicking on the sent email and filtering the "Actions" 

5. Check your list of pre-registered participants.  Each preregistration creates an entry in your Preregistration Form.  Go to "Forms", select the Form you created, select"Submissions".  You now see the list of registrations.  Add them to the CRM.  They will have the Tag that you created with the form earlier. Tip:  You can download this list to an Excel file. Just click the little Cloud right above the list.     

6. Use your exportable spreadsheet for the registration and credentialing at the convention.

TIP: Put an "opt-in" check box on the preregistration form and any sign in pages at the convention.  Mobile carriers are cracking down on sending texts to opt-ins only.

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