Executive Committee Has Plans for CD3 in 2023

April 11, 2023

The CD3 Executive Officers and volunteers actively supported Republican candidates in races in 2022. Door-knocking in Plymouth's Senate District 42 and in Bloomington's Senate District 51 (depicted above) were just two examples. We also had some great volunteers who staffed a district campaign office in Maple Grove, turning it into an active call center

Unfortunately, door-knocking and phone-calling was not enough to elect many of our outstanding Republican candidates. We need to do more. The margins in both the Minnesota House and Senate remain very small, and the CD3 Executive Committee is preparing to implement new strategies to make a difference in 2024.

We have ambitious plans to improve the election outcomes in our district. The CD3 Executive Committee have adopted a strategic plan, and each officer will lead the execution of a key area of that plan, including:

• Party infrastructure building and growth

• Collaboration with community organizations

• Local candidate/campaign training & support

• Outreach

• Event planning and support

• Communications & messaging

• Fundraising

Going forward, the executive officers will be reach out to the CD3 senate district leadership. Together, we hope to recruit and engage volunteers in pursuit of these objectives. We are also making strong connections with conservative action groups to set up training and organizing programs.

We are not waiting and hoping for new candidates to step forward. Join us to lay the groundwork now.

Republicans in the 3 Congressional District who wish to be considered as candidates for CD3 Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or Vice Chair should CLICK HERE.  To be a part of the CD3 leadership team and run for an Executive Officer position at the April 29 convention, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the form to indicate for which officer position you would like to be considered and in what senate district you live. A representative of the Officer Review Committee will reach out and schedule an interview. The deadline for candidate submissions is April 15.

The Constitution of the Third Congressional District Republican Party of Minnesota provides a top-level description of the roles and responsibilities of the CD3 executive officers in Articles IV and V. In accordance with the CD3 Constitution (Article IV, Section 1):

• The Chair shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Republican Party within the Third District

• The Deputy Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair, in the absence of the Chair, and be responsible for duties as may be assigned by the Chair

• The seven Vice Chairs shall serve as liaisons between the Third District and the BPOUs to which they are assigned, and shall also perform such duties as may be designated by the Executive Committee

• The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Third District Executive Committee and Full Committee meetings, and shall prepare and send all meeting notices

• The Treasurer shall receive, keep and be responsible for all funds of the Third Congressional District Republican party, and shall keep complete and accurate records and accounts of the receipts and disbursement of such funds. The Treasurer shall disburse such funds as authorized by the Third District Executive Committee.

The CD3 Executive Committee will at least meet monthly to report on implementation plans and progress. Many of these meetings will include CD3 Full Committee, representing the leadership of the CD3 senate districts.

If you have any questions, please contact either Randy Sutter (952-835-8917) or Jeff Vold (574-370-4034).