Meet the CD3 Executive Committee Members

May 10, 2023

Pictures of the members of the CD3 Executive Committee are being posted at the Leadership page of the website

Randy Sutter -- Chair

  • House District -- 50B
  • Served as CD3 Chair since 2022
  • Background – Technical Program Management
  • Previous Political Experience – Campaign Treasurer, BPOU Chair, Communications Chair
  • Passions – Writing, Leadership Development, Candidate Support, Voter Turn-out

Jake Moroshek – Deputy Chair

  • Contrarian at heart.
  • Work at UnitedHealth Group.
  • Digital Product Director. Enjoy technology.
  • Passionate about history, love to travel.
  • Three-year-old girl and one-year-old boy at home.
  • Tucker is a person who I look up to politically. He had a way of speaking about "third rail" topics that was erudite and respectful and opened up millions in America to many controversial topics. I want us to have the difficult discussions in Minnesota and to do so while assuming we're coming into this with positive intentions.

Tim Zak - Treasurer

  • House District 50A
  • Professional Background
    • VP/Compliance Officer at Wells Fargo
    • 30 plus year career in law/compliance/finance
  • Education: BS - Political Science; and JD - Law
  • Background
    • Country boy from Northwest Minnesota
    • Dad successfully managed grain/fuel/fertilizer cooperatives for 40 plus years
  • Previous Political Experience:
    • Student Government in College
    • Lobbying Intern during law school
    • Treasure for CD3 Republicans
  • My passion for political engagement began with winning student elections in college
  • Family:
  • Wife with a 25 plus year career in banking, active in the schools and church
  • Three children:
    • One son a college grad serving in Benedictine Corp in Tanzania and soon Israel
    • Daughter just completed her sophomore year in college out on the east coast now in internship to pursue a career in finance
    • One son a junior in high school excelling in hockey, lacrosse, fitness and biology
  • Passions/Beliefs: Finance, investing, sports, community, individualism, self-sufficiency, individual responsibility, freedom, liberty, limited government, lower taxes, less bureaucracy, free market capitalism, free trade, reasonable regulation of corporations, law and order, secure borders/functional immigration, and a strong military.
  • Interests: My children, family, fitness, racket sports, running, cars, travel, food/cooking/restaurants
  • Favorite Personalities/Thinkers/Platforms: Tucker Carlson, Larry Kudlow, Elon Musk, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, John Hinderaker, Kayleigh McEnany, Mollie Hemingway, Emily Compagno, Dan Niles, David Rosenberg, Greg Gutfeld, Clay & Buck

Christine Bolan – Vice Chair

  • House District 35B
  • Professional Background
    • Sales Manager at 123 Exteriors
    • 23 years of experience in the exterior remodeling industry
  • Political Experience:
    • Precinct Vice Chair, W2-P2 Coon Rapids
    • BPOU Vice Chair, SD35
    • Treasurer, Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota
    • Campaign Manager, Polly Matteson for MN House 35B
    • MN State Convention delegate
    • MN State Central Committee delegate
  • Interest
    • Being a busy mom of 5-year-old twin boys and two rescued coonhounds
    • Fighting for individual freedom and against socialism and woke ideology
    • Golfing, traveling, writing, and debating

Larry Frost – Vice Chair

  • House District -- 50B
  • Background – Marine Corps Enlisted & NCO - Army Enlisted & NCO, 2nd Ranger Battalion- Army Intelligence Officer - 27 years total service, retiring as Lieutenant Colonel
  • Previous Political Experience – Precinct Chair (age 17) - State legislative campaign manager - Lit drops, phone calling, sign placement - 2018 GOP Endorsed candidate for city council- Writing for SD50 Newsletter ...and more.
  • Passions – Individualism, Individual Responsibility, support of our Constitutional Republic (we are NOT and SHOULD NOT be a democracy)

Stan Hamilton – Chair, Finance Committee

  • House District -- 42A
  • Professional Background
    • Entrepreneur – Co Founder and CEO of licensing company with licensees across the globe
    • Business Finance Executive in the Healthcare and the Manufacturing Sectors
    • Tax Accountant
  • Education
    • BS Accounting
    • JD – Law
  • Previous Political Experience – Life-long Republican, BPOU Member and Alternate Delegate, Volunteered time, talent, and treasure for SD42 Senator Campaign in 2022.
  • Interests – Family, Singing, and the Preservation of Conservative Principles.