Candidates for National Convention Delegates from CD3


•   Michael Bang

I worked as an important part of the Dr. Scott Jensen Campaign for MN Governor. It
was historic and we had the most votes in a Republican race in Minnesota History. I
travelled the state in 15 parades, worked the booths, worked with volunteers,
volunteered at State Fair, Game Fair, Farm Fest, and made many trips to the State
Capitol for Protests and pro life Rallies, parents rights, NRA, National Day of Prayer,
and others. I helped with the Freedom Rallies, and met thousands of concerned
Minnesotans who want to maintain the state's moral values long instilled ofhard work,
family and Minnesota Nice. I was elected and currently Vice Chair of SD45, Vice Chair
of CD3, and State Central Delegate. I’m passionate about Minnesota and protecting our
Freedoms. I have considered a run for office and will be a great voice of the people of
our district because I watch, listen, learn, and report….but I’m also not afraid to confront
the opposition and come to the table to talk differences. Protecting the children’s future,
the businesses of Minnesota and our freedom of “Life”, Liberty and the Pursuit of
Happiness, as well as the Constitution is important to me, because if we do not, we will
have no country.  I’ve supported Andrew Meyers, Danny Nadau and know quite a few
Legislators now. Most importantly, I’m in touch with the people of our CD3 Community,
I’m a Christian and love God and our country.

I am supporting former President Donald Trump as Candidate for many reasons, for one
he is a strong leader and we need that on the global stage now more than ever. He also
is a great negotiator and brought historic peace agreements to the Middle East and
many forget he was nominated for Nobel Prize. His UN Speech that told the leaders of
the world to take pride in their history and nationalism because each are uniquely
different, but to stop raging wars, to me was something that really gave me great
respect for a Non-Politician. He put our Country first! We were not at war. He will be
tough on crime and drugs. He does not drink, and he is a voice for protecting religious
Freedoms while Christianity is under attack. I’m confident when he wins, he will put
America back on track, close up the borders and fight for us, the Citizens of the United
States. He supports our Veterans and recognizes blood was shed for the Freedoms we
have in this great country. My vote is for Donald Trump 
Thank you, 
Michael D. Bang 
CD3 Vice Chair 
SD45 Vice Chair 

State Central Delegate

•  Lana Barbarossa

•  Kimlinh Bui

•   Kathy Burkett

•  Fonda Broekhuis

Hello! I would like to apply for the honor of representing the Great State of MN for the Republican National Convention.

My political experience is nil unfortunately. However, I do feel I have a lot of qualifications to work for the Republican Party in some manner from my live experience as I will briefly describe in this letter.

  1. Registered Nurse since 1977. I worked Emergency Departments mostly and then worked for 11 years as a Public Health Nurse for Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency in Minneapolis. In this job, I worked on a 1:1 basis with new mothers on Medical Assistance to promote parent/child bonding and improve family dynamics and support for the mother. I learned a LOT about poverty in this job.
  2. I have also been a Landlord in St Paul and Minneapolis, and provided affordable housing in my duplexes and triplexes bought out of foreclosure (mostly) after the Real Estate crash in 2008. My tenants ran the gamut of races and ethnicities and religions on our planet.
  3. I like to think I have developed good communication skills.
  4. My parents came from nothing and in many ways we had an inferior lifestyle to many people living in poverty. For example—no indoor bathroom until I was 7 years of age. They worked very hard providing for their 5 children and my parents purchased a farm near Edgerton MN in 1971. That farm is still in my family to this day.

If I am not selected to be a Delegate, I am available to work for the party in some capacity to promote the re-election of Donald Trump in 2024 and promote Conservative Values.

•  Sue Chambers

•  Svetlana Jones

•  Steve Leventhal

•  Vladimir Lifson

•  Kari Lorence

•  Michael Moesenthin

•  Barbara Novak

•  Steve Novak

•  Paul Ridgeway

•  Bonnie Ripple

No personal statement submitted

•  Connie Schlundt

•  Julie Ann Schmidt

•  Enrico Strina


•  Kathleen Swart

•  Randy Sutter