Disaster Recovery Assistance


To assist our neighbors in Carbon County with their immediate physical and structural needs after a disaster in their life.

What We Do

Provide short term assistance with urgent physical and structural needs.  We will do our best with our resources and people, and partnering with other churches and groups, to provide:

  • Temporary safety and security fixes to structures and land
  • Limited and small permanent repairs
  • Assistance with contracting for permanent and large scale fixes
  • Advice for long term complete recovery

Our Resources

We have a network of contractors, suppliers, and service providers who will assist as they are able under the direction of a foreman assigned to each disaster situation.  We also partner together with area churches and groups to support the efforts.  

The CCC Benevolence fund maintains a modest balance of funds to cover as much of the initial costs of materials and specialized services as possible.    

Who we are

Christians for Carbon County is a group of people who come together in the name of Jesus Christ to serve our neighbors and engage in our community.

     Serving our Neighbors

  • Vulnerable children 
  • Pregnancy support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Fatherhood

     Engaged in our Community

  • Schools
  • Arts and culture
  • Public policy

Email contactus@cforcc.org for more information and volunteer opportunities