We listened to the education concerns of Senate District 52 voters.  We compiled the most frequently asked questions into a list of ten and sent them to all of the candidates who filed for election to the School Boards in Districts 197 and 199.  We asked the candidates to respond and told them that we would publish their answers without any editing or comments.  Here are the candidates who have replied with answers to your questions.  Click a name to see the candidate's answers.   Other candidates are welcome to submit their answers at any time.

Candidates for ISD 197
Candidates for ISD 199

10 Questions for School Board Candidates

1. What should be the overall goal of a public school education? Knowing that children have different gifts and needs, how should student achievement be evaluated?

2. How should teacher performance be evaluated? What can be done to improve underachieving teachers ’performance or encourage teachers to continue their own education?

3. Do you see yourself primarily as a representative of the community or as a representative of the school system? How?

4. What would your priorities be for your first year as a board member? Why and how did you choose these issues?

5. What do you think is the greatest challenge in District 197/199? What are your ideas for addressing this challenge?

6. What motivates you to want to become a school board member for district 197/199?

7. What do you think about vouchers? Tuition tax credits? Charter schools? School choice?

8. What is your opinion of District 197/199’s policies toward students with behavior problems and school discipline in general?

9. What is your understanding of Critical Race Theory and how does it fit within District 197/199’s current teacher development program?

10. In what areas are District 197/199 residents getting value for their money? Are there any in which they are not? What would be an idea for saving the district money?