BPOU Convention

Things to know as a Delegate or Alternate:

*  Provide accurate contact information on Caucus night:  Ensures you receive the convention call to register for the convention.

*  Registration Fees (Est. $20 - $50) for BPOU/Endorsing conventions help offset BPOU costs of hosting the Convention and hosting Caucuses.

*  Give accurate contact information on Caucus night:  Your Precinct Chair needs to confirm convention attendance of Delegates/Alternates.  If a          Delegate is not able to attend the convention the Precinct Chair contacts Alternates to ensure the precinct is fully represented at the                          BPOU Convention - so help them do their work easily with a valid email.

*  Final reason to provide accurate information on Caucus night:  Candidates may try to contact you via emial of p;hone calls sharing their top              focus but also to learn YOUR priorities and earn your support.  Don't waste this opportunity to learn about a candidate and influence a potential      elected leader by providing bad contact information.

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